Jonathan Frakes Talks Q’s Absence in Star Trek: The Next Generation Movies

Many long-time Star Trek fans are still wondering about the absence of Q from the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies. Well, it turns out that there were some plans involving the almighty extra-dimensional being, but they never came to fruition. During a recent GalaxyCon event (via TrekMovie), Star Trek: First Contact director Jonathan Frakes revealed that he actually wanted his movie to be “the ultimate Q adventure.”

“That was my pitch. Well, from my good fortune of getting involved with the movies. I kept saying, “When is our finest nemesis is going to be in the movies?” I’m still surprised that wasn’t so.”

Eventually, things never went the way Frakes proposed. Actor John de Lancie knows something about this since he played the almost omnipotent being in many episodes of the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager series.

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Actually, de Lancie took part at the same convention. After agreeing with Frakes, he confessed that he even made up a backstory to the Q Continuum, the alternate dimension accessible to only the Q and their “invited” guests.

“I actually—which I’m not going to tell people, even now—I did create a backstory on that, which would have been really interesting. But I think it’s actually someplace that would require a great deal of imagination, and I think the audience would go. So I wish that they had gone there.”

The show never revealed the true nature of this realm. On Voyager, Q did it in ways humans could understand by depicting an endless road.

Would you have liked to see Q in The Next Generation movie? Do you think that he will make his appearance in the next Star Trek movies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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