Wonder Woman 1984 Producer Explains Why Kristen Wiig Was Cast as Cheetah

Wonder Woman 1984 Producer Explains Why Kristen Wiig Was Cast

Later this year,  Wonder Woman 1984 will mark Gal Gadot’s return to the title role for the first time since Justice League in 2017. For her Wonder Woman return, Gadot will appear opposite Kristen Wiig as Diana’s friend turned enemy, Barbara Minerva AKA Cheetah. Via CBR, Wonder Woman 1984 producer Charles Roven shared the reasons why Wiig was chosen to play the iconic Wonder Woman villain.

“We felt very strongly about the fact that Kristen was going to be able to do the Barbara Minerva that we meet, this person who’s not very visible even though she wants to be because she’s a geek,” said Roven. “She could give that character both the humor and the warmth that Diana sees in her. And that we in the audience seeing in her, so that hopefully we’ll like her because Diana invests in her.”

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Roven also noted that Wiig can convey Cheetah’s more sinister qualities as well.

“We knew that Kristen would be great at that,” added Roven. “But we did have to do what we call a chemistry read to make sure that, as she was progressing into the Cheetah character, she can have that toughness, that aggression that we’re going to believe when she gets nasty. Boy, she could get nasty.”

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters on October 2.

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