Jared Leto Confirms His New Tron Movie, and May Have Revealed the Title

In 2010, Tron: Legacy continued to explore the world of Disney’s sci-fi classic, Tron. For a decade, a sequel was in limbo until earlier this morning when word broke that the next Tron movie has finally gotten a greenlight. Garth Davis is set to direct the film, with Jared Leto in the leading role. Now, Leto has confirmed his involvement with a few posts on his Twitter account.

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However, Leto’s original Tweet revealed even more about the project. Via Collider, ThrillGeek captured the post where Leto referred to the film as Tron: Ares.

As noted by Collider, a 2017 report in The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that Leto would potentially play a character named Ares in the film. That detail is apparently still true three years later.

Are you excited about Leto starring in Tron: Ares? Let us know in the comment section below!

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