Zack Snyder Shares New Look at His Justice League Steppenwolf

In the extended edition of Batman V Superman, one of the biggest and coolest sequel teases was Steppenwolf. Shown as a Kryptonian-style textured hologram in monochrome, he displayed a terrifying, demonic silhouette. But since he looked sculpted out of metallic sand, the way such space holos do, details seemed tricky to ascertain. Undoubtedly as part of a mandate to lighten the movie up, Joss Whedon made him less monstrous. He did so largely explaining away the horns as just a helmet worn by a tall, gray guy with neck wattles. Given the chance to revisit and recreate his own vision, Zack Snyder recreated the monster version, and today on Vero showed a early peek at his non-hologram Justice League Steppenwolf.

His original, full-sized post is available HERE. Clearly, Darkseid’s uncle is back to a Satanic hellbeast form, who’d give the current Ciaran Hinds version nightmares. He looks more like a creature from the Japanese Devilman manga than anything from Jack Kirby.

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Snyder previously revealed that he will restore scenes of Darkseid in his cut, including some that instead featured Steppenwolf in the theatrical. Steppenwolf, however, still most likely appears as the main villain, as Darkseid should have been mostly teased for a potential sequel.

Do you approve of the new-old monster Steppenwolf? Or is a more human version appropriately closer to the comics? Send a boom tube down to comments below and let us hear your thoughts.

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