Anthony Mackie’s Method Acting Backfired as Falcon on the Civil War Set

Life on a movie set is not always easy and sometimes it may even be dangerous, or gross. Anthony Mackie knows it well since he had to eat a lot of dirt and grass during his first days on the Captain America: Civil War set. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor confessed that the Marvel movies contained his first big action moments. And there have been some misadventures while playing Sam Wilson.

“My character’s the Falcon, so I show up, I sit with the graphics team and the directors, and they’re like, ‘We want you to land like a bird.’ Because you have wings… you have to pull your legs in, swoop your core in, let your wings slow you down, and then land on your feet.”

The actor went on to add that he even studied the way birds land and take off in preparation for the role.

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But then the reality check came while shooting the scene where Vision shoots Rhodey out of the sky.

“I’m supposed to land, so they pull me up like 30 feet off the ground and I’m on a pendulum, so I’m supposed to pull my legs under me and land to a stop,” he recalled. “I didn’t realize how much my lower body weighed, so I pull on the ropes to try and bring my legs under but I can’t get my core in, and I literally land face-first in the dirt and bounce for about 10 feet. I have grass and mud all in my face. The crew is just dying laughing. Everybody is dying laughing.”

Mackie debuted as Sam Wilson back in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He will wear Falcon’s wings once again in the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, which has recently resumed production. Hopefully, this time things will go smoother on the set.

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