Bill Pullman Delivers New Independence Day Speech, Advocating Masks

Twenty-four years ago, Bill Pullman rallied a nation of sci-fi viewers as a jet-flying president in Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day. Love the film or not, no viewer is likely to forget his passionate climactic speech, rallying the troops for one last assault on alien invaders. “Today we declare our Independence Day!”

Well, today, he’s back, in a PSA funded by Alamo Drafthouse. Both the theater chain and the actor would prefer you to watch the original Independence Day on the big screen. But to do that, we all have to adopt virus-safe practices so that it’s reasonably safe for the movies to open again. As such, the former President Thomas Whitmore wants you to wear your mask in public. Indoor gatherings fall among the highest-risk activities, but if enough patrons can consistently protect themselves, the risk might come down.

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Ironically, of course, a virus brought down the Independence Day aliens the first time. A computer virus that proved surprisingly compatible with interplanetary technology. And based on an idea that Jeff Goldblum’s David Levinson had when he was warned about catching a cold. Also extremely prescient: Brent Spiner’s Dr. Okun, quarantined underground for years, sported long graying hair and a beard that Pullman nowadays looks to equal at some point.

However you celebrate Independence Day in 2020, stay safe out there. And watch Pullman’s remarks below.

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