Ryan Reynolds Crashes X-Men Cast Reunion and Trolls Hugh Jackman

You can’t have a real X-Men reunion without someone crashing it. In a recent video for Global Citizen, the cast of the first X-Men movies got a chance to meet each other on Zoom. The reunion featured Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, and Famke Janssen, who played Wolverine, Professor X, Storm, and Jean Grey, respectively. But little they know someone else was going to join the party soon and that someone was Ryan Reynolds. Of course, he didn’t come alone, as he brought in Sophie Turner and James McAvoy.

“Oh, sorry, I thought this was the Game of Thrones reunion,” said Turner as she tried to excuse herself before Reynold pointed out that “Tyrion Lannister was in an X-Men movie,” after all, referencing Peter Dinklage in X-Men: Days of Future Past. One by one, almost all actors left the reunion embarrassed, leaving Reynolds and Jackman alone. But the surprises didn’t end there, as Reynolds brought another familiar face from Jackman’s past right before the end of the video.

You can watch the full clip in the player below.

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Reynolds and Jackman have a sort of kayfabe feud going on since 2008. Lately, they have buried the hatchet to raise coronavirus relief funds, but it seems that Reynolds still enjoys teasing his fellow  mutant actor. The pair worked together in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That’s when Reynolds officially debuted as an awkward adaptation of Wade Wilson / Weapon XI. He reprised that part more faithfully a few years later as the titular hero in the first standalone movie in the Deadpool series. His Wolverine version has been the butt of franchise jokes ever since.

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