The Justice League Snyder Cut Will Arrive in Early To Mid-2021

Last week, fans were treated to the first glimpse at footage from the upcoming Snyder Cut of Justice League. Now, we have a clearer idea of when Snyder’s original vision for the DC team-up film will hit HBO Max. Sandra Dewey, the president of productions and business operations for WarnerMedia Entertainment, announced a release window for the film while delivering a keynote address at the virtual Cannes market earlier today. Via Variety,  Dewey said that the platform is targeting an “early to mid-2021” debut for the movie. Unfortunately, she didn’t offer a more specific release date than this.

A summer release for the Snyder Cut would be typical of most comic book blockbusters. If the Snyder Cut hits HBO Max around June, Warner Bros. could fill the void left by Matt Reeves’ The Batman. That film was recently forced to vacate its original summer 2021 premiere date in light of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it’s also possible that the studio wants to get Snyder’s movie on HBO Max as soon as it’s ready.

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DC fans have been very enthusiastic about the Snyder Cut’s impending reveal ever since its existence was confirmed last month. The movie will feature several additional characters not seen in the theatrical version, most notably Ray Porter’s Darkseid. Viewers will also see Orion Lee as Ryan Choi/Atom, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, and possibly even Harry Lennix as Martian Manhunter. WB is reportedly shelling out at least $30 million to allow Snyder to complete the film. The studio is also debating whether to release the finished product as a four-hour movie or six-chapter miniseries.

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