Kenneth Branagh Talks Thor’s Evolution in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kenneth Branagh’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was short, but it was meaningful. The British director had the delicate job of introducing Thor in the MCU back in 2011. Talking with ComicBook, Branagh explained his vision for the first live-action theatrical adaptation of Marvel’s Norse demigod.

“For me, I thought it was really important that everything we set up there to do with his being banished, his rough diamond beginning, his difficult relationship with his father and his brother,” he said. “All of those things always were going to have tremendous potential if we could just make people connect with it upfront with the authenticity of the character’s feelings. I think they committed completely to it and so did the audience. Then, the world was their oyster in terms of where they might go to.”

Branagh definitely left his mark on the MCU, even though the Thor character underwent some huge changes over the years. Especially after Taika Waititi took over direction with Thor: Ragnarok.

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The director went on to add that the Thor character in the comic books has a long story of development. And it’s quite reasonable, given the comics’ long history of publication. Per Branagh, the movies are now trying to do the same.

“I’m so happy that we had that dynastic saga at the beginning of the first one where it was a lot of innate personal family drama,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of favorite moments in that movie that have headed into other kinds of directions, often very funny ones. I think we were right to do what now seems like a very different world.”

The next movie set in the Thor franchise is Thor: Love and Thunder. It will strike theaters on February 11, 2022.

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