Rick Riordan Admits He Hasn’t Seen the Percy Jackson Movies

Last month, fans of Percy Jackson and the Olympians learned that Disney+ is developing a new TV series based on Rick Riordan’s beloved middle-grade fantasy novels.  Riordan also confirmed that he will be directly involved in the series’ production, unlike the last two attempts at a live-action Percy Jackson adaptation. The big-screen takes on Riordan’s first two Percy Jackson books were routinely torn apart for not being faithful to the source material. But as it turns out, no one seems to be more disappointed about this than Riordan himself.

Riordan hasn’t exactly shied away from voicing his frustrations with the Percy Jackson films in the years since they first hit theaters. On his Twitter account, Riordan offered a fresh batch of shade while engaging with fans. Although a reboot is in the works, both The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters are currently on Disney+. And when one fan asked whether a scene from The Lightning Thief was cut for the streaming version, Riordan insisted that this act of possible censorship didn’t take things far enough.

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Previously, Riordan outlined his thoughts on 20th Century Fox’s Percy Jackson movies in a blog post published in 2018. He even included excerpts from emails he sent to the producers about what he felt they were doing wrong. Riordan echoed those sentiments in even more tweets. He also confirmed that he was so dismayed by the scripts that he didn’t watch either of the finished films. But thankfully, he sounds optimistic about what the future holds.

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