Logan Director Reveals Why Hugh Jackman Never Wore Wolverine’s Mask

Logan Director Reveals Why Hugh Jackman Never Wore Wolverine’s Mask

After 17 beautiful years, Hugh Jackman said goodbye to his role as Wolverine. But much to some fans’ disappointment, the Australian actor never fully suited up in the yellow and blue spandex like his comic book counterpart in all the nine movies he shot as the iconic member of the X-Men. In a recent Logan quarantine watch, director James Mangold revealed why the actor never put on the mask in his last movie in the X-Men franchise.

“He never put it on,” he wrote. “We never even made a version of the outfit. Everything about his character as I understand it, would keep him from donning a self promoting “uniform”. I’m sure the next incarnation of the Wolverine will go there.” Though the Frank Miller yellow and brown outfit made a cameo in a cut scene from The Wolverine, it was never wearable.

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The director went on to add why the actor had to shave and cut his hair for the movie to work.

“I wasn’t happy with his X24 look till we cut off all his hair, which of course meant he was gonna have to play Logan in a wig,” Mangold wrote.

The director shared several concept art images from the movie. He also praised Dafne Keen’s performance, pointing out that she carried the entire second half of the film. Mangold then confessed that he never believed Fox would greenlight his idea about Professor X killing his students.

“I never thought I’d get away with the idea Charles had accidentally killed XMEN when he suffered an attack of dementia, yet I felt I need there be a profound tragedy behind them. Grateful 4 the bravery of Fox & audiences for embracing,” he wrote.

Would you have liked to see Hugh Jackman wearing Wolverine’s mask in Logan? Let us know in the comments section below.

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