Arrow Producer Will Adapt Rob Liefeld’s Prophet As a Film

Back in the ’90s, Rob Liefeld introduced Prophet during his Youngblood comic before spinning him out into his own comic book series. Now, Studio 8 is looking to bring Prophet to the big screen. Via Deadline, Marc Guggenheim is slated to write the script for Prophet. Liefeld will produce the film alongside Adrian Askarieh, Brooklyn Weaver, John Hyde, and Terissa Kelton

Guggenheim has a lot of experience with comic book adaptations, including Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and other Arrowverse series on The CW. He has also written several comic book series, including Young X-Men, The Flash, Wolverine, and Amazing Spider-Man.

Prophet follows a man named John Prophet, who was turned into a super-soldier by a time traveling scientist from the future. However, Prophet is released from stasis long before he was scheduled to wake up. Now, Prophet no longer has a mission or much humanity left as he struggles to overcome his programming.

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Brandon Graham and artist Simon Roy completely re-imagined Prophet back in 2012. Graham and Roy’s take veered hard into sci-fi, and it received good reviews. However, it’s currently unknown if the film will draw on that incarnation of Prophet or the original comics.

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