Ron Howard is Eager To Return To Willow

Just days after Warwick Davis provided an update, director Ron Howard recently spoke about the potential of a Willow sequel series for Disney+. Howard directed the cult classic fantasy in 1988, and it’s been a fan favorite ever since. Howard expressed his excitement about the potential show in a recent interview with Collider.

“We are developing Willow for Disney+,” Howard re-confirmed. “And I don’t know about directing or not, but Jon Kasdan is writing, he’s very passionate about it, great job. We don’t have a green light yet, but if it goes, I’ll certainly want to roll up my sleeves and be a part of that, because that would be great, to revisit that world.”

Kasdan wrote Howard’s previous film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. He is also reportedly working on a script for the new Indiana Jones film.

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Additionally, Howard provided a glimpse at what it’s like to pitch a potential series to Disney+.

“In this world of these event series, they really do look to the showrunners and the key creatives to tell them their vision,” continued Howard. “It’s one of the reasons why TV has gotten so good, is that they really are looking at the showrunners as authors of something that they’re deeply passionate about. And Jon is deeply passionate about Willow, which tickles me to no end.”

Howard also added the few confirmed details about the project.

“Warwick Davis is going to be in it and so yes, I think it’s safe to say it’s decades later,” said Howard. 

What do you think about Willow potentially becoming a series on Disney+? Let us know in the comments below!

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