Jonathan Entwistle Is Developing a Power Rangers Reboot For Paramount

Jonathan Entwistle Is Developing a Power Rangers Reboot

Two years ago, Lionsgate rebooted the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the big screen. However, fans of the original series and the current generation of fans largely failed to support it. Regardless of that outcome, Paramount is ready to try again with a new take on the classic team.

Via Variety, Paramount has lined up The End of the F***ing World creator, Jonathan Entwistle, to develop a Power Rangers reboot. Paramount picked up the rights after Lionsgate’s reboot failed to relaunch the franchise. Patrick Burleigh, the writer of Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, is slated to provide the script for the new movie.

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One of the biggest changes for the Power Rangers is that Hasbro owns the franchise now. That puts the Rangers under the same company that has G.I. Joe, Transformers, Micronauts, and ROM. For years, Hasbro Studios was pursuing a Marvel style shared universe for its adaptations. It’s unclear if Hasbro is still suffering from MCU envy and whether Power Rangers would be a part of that universe.

What do you want to see in the next Power Rangers movie? Also, who would you cast as the new Rangers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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