Tom Hiddleston Reacts To His Thor Audition

MCU veteran Tom Hiddleston recently stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new play Betrayal. During the interview, he brought up how he initially tried out for the role of Thor. Naturally, Hiddleston ended up playing Loki instead. But Fallon didn’t let Hiddleston forget what might have been.

“I just thought I was auditioning for a movie. An interesting part in an interesting movie,” explained Hiddleston as he reflected on his 2009 audition for Thor. Hiddleston added that he decided to “go along for the ride” even though the MCU wasn’t fully formed.

However, Fallon surprised viewers with a look at the audition. It’s below, with Hiddleston flipping around a makeshift Mjolnir in his hands. It begins around the 2:24 mark.

“You really are too kind,” said Hiddleston as he laughed. He also noted that Chris Hemsworth was “the right actor” for Thor.

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Hiddleston also displayed his other talents, like being able to cry on command over the mention of The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda. That’s also in the video, around the 4:20 mark.

While Hiddleston may be busy on Broadway at the moment, he’s gearing up for his Loki series on Disney+. It’s set to go into production next year, with a premiere in spring 2021.

Do you think Hiddleston could have been a good Thor? Let us know in the comments below!

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