Jumanji: The Next Level’s Final Trailer Ups the Stakes

It looks like the game is on, as the final trailer for Jumanji: The Next Level has arrived. The film once again features the return of the main cast. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan all make their return. However, they aren’t quite what they seem. As the trailer explains, the roles are reversed this time around. One of the main teens from the first film, Spencer, has gone missing while jumping back into the Jumanji game. His friends decide to go get him, but an interesting mix-up occurs.

Two new characters enter the picture — Spencer’s cranky grandfather Eddie (Danny DeVito) and his eccentric friend Milo (Danny Glover). They take over for the player characters portrayed by Johnson and Hart. Meanwhile, Black’s character is controlled by Anthony “Fridge” Johnson, leaving him in a state of confusion. Only Ruby Roundhouse’s character remains the same. At least for now.

The stakes are higher for this trailer, as the host of the game indicates that not all of them may be able to survive this time. Dangers lurk throughout this “new level” of play, including giant snakes, killer monkeys, and more. The players will need to work together in order to beat the game…again.

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Jumanji: The Next Level features the return of director Jake Kasdan, who helmed 2017’s Welcome To the Jungle. He is also joined by returning writers Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg.

The film will open in theaters on Friday, December 13. Check out the trailer below!

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