Jeffrey Wright Is Officially Commissioner Gordon in The Batman

Back in September, reports indicated that Westworld star Jeffrey Wright was circling the role of Commissioner James Gordon in The Batman. Via his twitter account, The Batman director, Matt Reeves. offered up a very brief message to acknowledge Wright’s upcoming role.

Wright is best known for his role on Westworld and also for playing CIA Agent Felix Leiter in three James Bond films.  However, Wright also co-starred in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and he had a featured role in The Hunger Games movies. Wright’s genre roles include The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Venture Bros., Lady in the Water, and The Invasion. Marvel Studios also cast Wright as the voice of the Watcher in What If…?, the upcoming animated series on Disney+.

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Within the DC Universe, Commissioner Gordon is one of Batman’s most loyal allies in Gotham City. Gary Oldman portrayed Gordon in The Dark Knight trilogy, while J.K. Simmons also stepped into the role for Justice League. Ben McKenzie portrayed a much younger James Gordon for five seasons on Gotham. Other previous cinematic James Gordons include Neil Hamilton and Pat Hingle.

Robert Pattinson is headlining The Batman as Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Zoe Kravitz will also star in the film as Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman. Additionally, Paul Dano has been cast as the Riddler. Jonah Hill was approached for a leading role as a villain, however, he ultimately walked away from the film.

The Batman will hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

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