Francis Ford Coppola Blames Translator For ‘Despicable’ Marvel Comments

Director Martin Scorsese angered a lot of Marvel fans after he deemed that their movies weren’t “cinema.” Then another famous director, Francis Ford Coppola, followed suit, noting that the Marvel movies are “despicable.” However, it looks like Coppola is backing down from the word “despicable” while clarifying his comments with Deadline.

Personally I don’t like the idea of franchises, the notion that you can keep repeating what is essentially the same movie for financial gain — in other words, what is a formulaic approach,” explained Coppola. “I feel that approach is taken to reduce the economic risk of movies, and I feel the ‘risk factor’ is an element that makes movies sometimes be great. Also, the formulaic film draws most available resources to them, leaving little for more daring productions, reducing diversity.”

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“In some ways I think the cinema is like food,” added Coppola. “Certainly you can add things to make it tempting, tasty and enjoyable. But it must also be nutritious to qualify as real food.”

Coppla notes that his “despicable” comment was due to a “misinterpreted” translation in the previous interview.

What do you think about Coppola’s characterization of Marvel films? Is it easier to accept if he doesn’t call them despicable? Let us know in the comments below!

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