Alien Documentary’s New Trailer Looks Back At Ridley Scott’s Classic

Ridley Scott’s Alien is still one of the most effective horror movies in cinema even four decades later. It is atmospheric, riveting and downright scary after all this time. Now, a new documentary will take a much deeper look into its production, from a director that isn’t afraid to explore where it all began.

BirthMoviesDeath reports that director Alexandre O. Philippe will premiere Memory: The Origin of Alien at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas next month. It takes a behind-the-scenes look at Scott’s work on the 1979 film, with the first trailer featured below.

Philippe previously released the 2017 film 78/52; which hyper-analyzed the classic shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho through various camera angles. But Memory promises to be a much more expansive piece that explores the origins of Alien’s story and how Scott put it all together.

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The tone for the documentary seems to be about on par with Alien itself, with a number of production members (including Scott) discussing how it was made. But it’s deeper than the usual behind-the-scenes fare, with extensive details about the Xenomorph design, Scott’s “god-like” approach, and much more.

Memory: The Origin of Alien should definitely be of interest to fans. But for those who can’t make next month’s Fantastic Fest, the film will premiere in select theaters and on-demand on October 4.

Will you be seeing Memory: The Origin of Alien when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below! 

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