Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Now Sony’s Biggest Film Ever

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Late last month, Spider-Man: Far From Home became the first Spidey film to hit $1 billion worldwide. Now, it’s become Sony’s largest hit to date.

Via Deadline, Far From Home‘s box office total has $1.109 billion through today. That’s just enough to squeeze past Sony’s previous champion, Skyfall. That James Bond sequel made $1.108 billion in 2012. However, this weekend marks the first time that Far From Home has fallen outside of the top 10. Through its seventh weekend, Far From Home has approximately $376 million domestically.

Without accounting for inflation, Far From Home has just surpassed Spider-Man 2 as the second highest Spider-Man movie, domestically. But Sami Raimi’s Spider-Man from 2002 is still the king, with $403 million. One of the reasons Far From Home has a bigger international total than Raimi’s films is that it performed very well in China. With its $199 million take at the Chinese box office, Far From Home was Hollywood’s second most successful film in the Middle Kingdom. Only Avengers: Endgame had more in China, with $614 million.

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Curiously, a Far From Home sequel was not among Marvel’s Phase 4 announcements. Under Marvel and Sony’s original deal, Far From Home was the final movie in their pact. However, it’s rumored that Marvel and Sony have already renewed their deal. Next weekend’s D23 Expo may be an ideal time to announce the third MCU Spider-Man movie. But for now, it’s not on the schedule.

Are you excited now that Far From Home is the top Sony movie of all-time? What do you want to see in the sequel? Let us know in the comment section below!

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