Spider-Man: Far From Home Cast Visits Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Most fans still have to wait one more day before they can catch Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters. However, a few patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles were recently treated to an early screening of Spidey’s latest adventure. And if this weren’t enough of a surprise, the film’s stars showed up to give the kids a day they’ll never forget.

Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jake Gyllenhaal were all in the building to meet some of their adoring fans. Holland and Gyllenhaal showed up in costume as Spider-Man and Mysterio and made the rounds from room to room. Whether taking pictures, signing autographs, or giving high-fives, the smiles on the children’s faces prove just how important these characters are in their lives.

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The kids themselves had plenty to say their heroes. Holland also noticed one patient wearing a Marvel-themed “Team Awesome” shirt featuring several Avengers, including Iron Man and Captain America. Holland asked him who his favorite hero was, and no one could compare to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Another youngster complimented the actor on his webslinging skills. Holland explained that he used up all of his webs on his way to the hospital. Fortunately, he was able to perform a few backflips to keep his fans happy.

You can check out a short video recapping the actors’ visit below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!

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