Kevin Feige on Mysterio's Debut In Far From Home

Feige on Mysterio’s ‘Daring and Complex’ Debut In Far From Home

The latest adventure of the web-slinger is upon us, as Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters tomorrow. In a recent interview with BET, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked if he felt nervous about the release of Far From Home following the success of Sony’s Into The Spider-Verse and how the decision to introduce Mysterio was something they ended up being thankful for.

“I loved Spider-Verse and thought it was great. I wasn’t nervous, but I was thankful that we went with Mysterio when we were deciding what villain to use. We wanted to do a villain that hadn’t been seen before. And Mysterio was high on the list. There were some questions about his powers and is it too confusing and the illusions and things like that. [But] we were like, no, that’s what would be fun. I saw Spider-Verse and said thank God we went with something daring and complex. If it had just been an average Spider-Man villain chasing him around buildings and trying to hit him with a blast, it would have seemed really lame next to Spider-Verse.”

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Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats. In a world (or worlds?) that has changed forever.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home cast includes Tom Holland as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, plus Zendaya as “MJ,” and Jacob Batalon as Ned.  Marisa Tomei returns as Aunt May, and Jake Gyllenhaal will play Mysterio. New additions include comedian J.B. Smoove, as well as Numan Acar (Aladdin) as Dimitri. Additionally, MCU veterans Samuel L. Jackson (Captain Marvel) and Cobie Smulders will also join Holland’s Spider-Man sequel as Nick Fury and Maria Hill, respectively.

Jon Watts directed Spider-Man: Far From Home, written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, all returning from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The movie swings into theaters on July 2.