Spider-Man: Far From Home

Weekend Watch – Spider-Man: Far From Home Press Tour

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In this light and fluffy edition of Weekend Watch, we’re preparing for the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home with a series of videos from the film’s massive press tour. Despite the onslaught of interviews for the film, we’ve attempted to distill some of the best moments down to what you see here. Starting things off, we have a video in which the film’s stars play with therapy dogs while trying to answer questions. Next, we have some of the film’s red carpet highlights, followed by an “autocomplete interview” with the young cast members.

After this, we have a series of “travel vlogs” and featurettes, as well as an excellent Q&A with the filmmakers and cast. We’ll follow this up with an interesting interview where Tom Holland entertains the idea of a Spider-Man/ Deadpool movie. Finally, we’ll close things out with a fun and inconsequential interview with Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal about the film.

Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon Play With Therapy Dogs

First, this video from Collider sees Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon playing with therapy dogs. In this unorthodox interview, the trio tries to answer questions about Spider-Man: Far From Home. More importantly, we get to see the cast members play with adorable dogs that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s not much meat to the bones of this interview, but it’s a fun icebreaker nevertheless.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Red Carpet Highlights

This video from Marvel Entertainment takes a look at a few of the highlights from the Spider-Man: Far From Home red carpet. In the montage, we hear from Holland, Zendaya, Batalon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Jon Watts, Kevin Feige, Martin Starr, Tony Revolori, and JB Smoove. If you’re interested in checking out each of the individual interviews, you can find them here.

Tom Holland, Zendaya, & Jacob Batalon Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions

In the latest “autocomplete interview” from Wired, Holland, Zendaya, and Batalon answer the web’s most searched questions. Naturally, the cast answers a series of questions that only the Internet could ask. If you’ve ever wondered how Holland found out he got the role, what Zendaya’s name means, or what Batalon’s heritage is, this is the interview for you. In all seriousness, it does provide a helpful primer for the chemistry between the three actors that we’ll see much more of later on.

Spider-Man Far From Home Travel Vlogs & Feautrette

This trio of “travel vlogs” from Sony Pictures Entertainment highlights some of the shenanigans throughout the film’s promotional tour. Including Bali, London, and China, these vlogs give a quick glimpse of the daily madness behind the press tour.

Additionally, we have a video that takes a look at the many suit designs in the film. Although this featurette is relatively quick, it gives a good glimpse at what Spider-Man: Far From Home has in store.

Spider-Man Far From Home Cast Q&A

This Q&A comes from Sony Pictures Entertainment, with the usual suspects discussing Spider-Man: Far From Home. The group discusses the stakes of the sequel, how Peter grows up throughout the film, and how Mysterio plays into the plot. We also hear from Watts on how they choose the title, as well as what the hardest scene for each of them was to shoot.

Interestingly, this interview also features a rare press appearance from Amy Pascal. If you’re unaware, she was, of course, the former Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures during their infamous 2014 hack. Regardless of this, it’s interesting actually to hear Pascal talk about producing one of these movies. Even though there’s some repeat information here, this is a lively and entertaining discussion overall.

Tom Holland Talks Spider-Man/Deadpool Movie

Next, we have an interview with Holland, Zendaya, and Batalon by Comics Explained. In the video, Holland Jokingly “spoils” the movie (not really), along with assessing the potential for a Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover movie. Surprisingly, Holland seems more interested in telling a Spider-Man & Wolverine story on the silver screen. Additionally, we also hear what Spider-Man power they would like to have and what the future holds for Zendaya’s character. They also explain how the Decimation changes their character arcs in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and how the events of the film bring the characters closer together.

Spider-Man: Far From Home – Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Holland Interview

In this interview with Absolute Radio, Holland, and Gyllenhaal discuss the film, their experiences being teenagers, and much more. Holland also reveals a scene left on the cutting room floor where Peter sells all of his Star Wars toys to buy a gift for MJ. Although there’s not much related to Spider-Man: Far From Home itself, it’s an energetic, lively, and sometimes awkward conversation.

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