Disney World Teases Intense Tron Roller Coaster

Though it’s been almost a decade since audiences have seen a movie within the franchise, Tron is still an important film for Disney. And Tron fans will be happy to know that a ride over at the Magic Kingdom is still on the way.

A recent update on its production just went up over at Entertainment Weekly. The ride will open sometime in 2021, just in time to celebrate Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration. The ride itself will be based upon both the original Tron and its 2010 follow-up, Tron Legacy. It will feature cars based on more modern light-cycle designs, and it will move at an incredibly fast pace.

A new video, posted on YouTube by MouseSteps and JWL Media, shows the progress being made on the ride. The first thing fans will see is the concept art for the attraction itself, with its futuristic design and the Tron logo above the entryway. Then there’s the construction, indicating that it’s “now programming.” The ride will be an indoor attraction, so there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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This is the latest Tron roller coaster in the works at a Disney park. It will follow behind the Lightcycle Power Run that opened in Shanghai back in 2016. As you can see from the video below, it’s a visceral experience.

Once it opens, the new Tron roller coaster will be part of the Tomorrowland section of the park. It will be right behind where Space Mountain currently is. And it should fit right in with another roller coaster that Disney currently has planned for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Will you be taking a ride on the Tron roller coaster once it opens? Let us know in the comment section below!

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