New Dark Phoenix Music Video May Reveal New X-Men Character

Warning: There are possible spoilers ahead for Dark Phoenix!

Superhero movies rarely get their own theme songs these days. But when they do, you can usually expect an accompanying music video that features new footage from the film. That’s exactly the case for Emeli Sandé’s “Extraordinary Being.” The video incorporates a number of scenes from Dark Phoenix, including what looks like the live-action debut of a mutant we’ve never seen in an X-Men movie before.

At the two minute mark, a character bearing a strong resemblance to Alison Blaire, a.k.a. Dazzler, shows up in a forest setting. Neither 20th Century Fox nor the filmmakers have previously revealed any intentions to include Alison in Dark Phoenix. However, the actress is clad in a white jumpsuit reminiscent of Dazzler’s wardrobe of choice during her earliest appearances in the Marvel Universe. She also seems to be using some kind of light-manipulation ability that echoes the character’s mutant power in the comics. You can check out a screencap from the music video below.

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Dazzler was introduced in Uncanny X-Men #130 during the storyline that immediately preceded Jean Grey’s transformation into Dark Phoenix. Originally, Marvel conceived her as part of a cross-promotional partnership between themselves and Casablanca Records to capitalize on the Disco craze. Marvel would create a singing superhero, while Casablanca would release a record by a singer using that persona. The partnership ultimately dissolved, but Marvel continued developing the character. Dazzler’s first encounter with the X-Men came when Cyclops and Jean Grey infiltrated one of her concerts in an effort to recruit her to join their team.

You can watch Sandé’s video for “Extraordinary Being” below. Are you excited to (possibly) see Dazzler get some screen time in Dark Phoenix? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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