Brightburn Shows off Its Dark Side in Final Trailer

What would happen if a superhero who was capable of good turned to evil instead? That’s something that producer James Gunn will explore when Brightburn arrives in theaters later this week. To get fans ready for the film’s arrival, a final trailer has been released.

The new trailer gives viewers an idea of just how evil young Brandon can be. We once again see the scene where he stalks a waitress in a diner before unleashing his fearsome powers on her. He also torments a couple of police officers, while also giving his mother (Elizabeth Banks) lots of grief.

Brightburn tells the story of a couple who adopt a boy who came to Earth as a child. As he grows up, he begins to gain Superman-like powers including flight and super strength. But Gunn and director David Yarovesky aren’t going to follow the Man of Steel’s example. Brandon is no hero. He may be the greatest threat this world has ever seen.

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Jackson A. Dunn stars in the film as Brandon Breyer/Brightburn. Banks plays his mother, Tori Breyer; with David Denman as Kyle Breyer.

Brightburn is projected to make around $10-$12 million in its debut weekend. It will hit theaters this Friday, May 24.

Will you be seeing Brightburn in its opening weekend? What do you think about the latest trailer? Let us know in the comment section below!