Batman: Hush

A New Enemy Attacks the Dark Knight in the First Batman: Hush Trailer

One of the keys to Batman‘s success as a hero is that his enemies aren’t privy to his greatest secrets. That’s going to change in the upcoming animated film, Batman: Hush; which finds the Dark Knight under attack by a new villain. Unlike Batman’s previous adversaries, Hush seems to know everything about Bruce Wayne’s double life. And Hush is using that knowledge to strike at both Wayne and Batman, while the villains of Gotham City gang up on the Bat.

Via IGN, Warner Bros. has released its first trailer for Batman: Hush, which adapts the classic 2002 story by Jeph Loeb and artist Jim Lee. The film will take place within Warner Bros.’ New 52 inspired continuity. That means Jason O’Mara is reprising his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne alongside Sean Maher as Nightwing, and Stuart Allan as Damian Wayne. Damian Wayne. Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, and Rainn Wilson are also reprising their respective roles as Superman, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor. Jennifer Morrison co-stars as Catwoman.

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Peyton List is playing both Batgirl and Poison Ivy, and Bruce Thomas is set as Commissioner Gordon. Several of Batman’s greatest enemies appear in the film, including the Joker (Jason Spisak), Riddler (Geoffrey Arend), Bane (Adam Gifford), and Lady Shiva (Dachie Alessio). Fortunately, Batman still has Alfred (James Garrett) by his side.

The original Hush storyline was also the first post-Crisis story to feature Batman in a romantic relationship with Catwoman. The trailer is playing up that aspect of the story, but it doesn’t show Batgirl or Damian. At the time the story was published, Batgirl was still Oracle, and Damian Wayne hadn’t been created.

Batman: Hush will be released in either late July or August 2019.

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