Daniela Melchior May Be The Suicide Squad’s Ratcatcher

Earlier this week, director James Gunn added Ant-Man‘s David Dastmalchian to the cast of The Suicide Squad. Now, Portuguese actress Daniela Melchior may be the latest addition to the new ensemble.

According to Variety, Melchior will portray Ratcatcher in The Suicide Squad. However, Warner Bros. has yet to comment on the report. If the report is accurate, it will be Melchior’s first role in an American film. Since 2014, Melchior has had several different roles on Portuguese television. She was also the voice of Gwen Stacy in Homem-Aranha: No Universo-Aranha a.k.a. the Portuguese dubbed version of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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In the DC Universe, Ratcatcher isn’t exactly an A-list villain. He’s not even a woman! Instead, the film is using a gender swapped version of Otis Flannegan, a low level Batman villain with an uncanny talent. While working as an actual ratcatcher, Otis developed an ability to control and communicate with rats. Even behind bars, Otis can summon rats to do his bidding. However, he’s never been able to become one of Batman’s more memorable adversaries.

Variety’s report suggests that WWE Superstar John Cena and returning cast member, Margot Robbie, are both confirmed for The Suicide Squad. Idris Elba was originally tapped to replace Will Smith as Deadshot, before his role was re-conceived as a new character.  Jai Courtney  and Viola Davis will return as Captain Boomerang and Amanda Waller, respectively.

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 6, 2021. Production will begin later this year.

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