Brie Larson Has a Dance-Off With the Skrulls in Captain Marvel BTS Video

There’s a lot of work that goes into making comic book films. However, there’s also time to kick back and have fun with it, as Brie Larson has recently shown. The star of Captain Marvel had no trouble being a goof with fellow co-stars on set. A new behind-the-scenes video posted by All Things Marvel on Twitter shows that Larson didn’t hesitate to get into a dance-off.

The video, which runs just under 30 seconds, features Larson and fellow Skrulls show off their stuff. The song “Push It” by Salt n’ Pepa (a favorite for the Captain Marvel 90’s era) helps set the stage. Check out the video below.

Fans have enjoyed the video as well, based on the responses below.

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This is probably just the beginning of behind-the-scenes fun. A blooper reel from the film will probably arrive when Captain Marvel hits digital and Blu-ray later this year.

Captain Marvel generated a huge opening weekend with over $455 million worldwide since its release. It continues to go strong, with $14.6 million in box office grosses for Tuesday. That brings its domestic total to nearly $180 million thus far. It should push over $500 million worldwide by the end of the day, and it may even reach $750 million by the end of March.

Captain Marvel is in theaters now. What did you think about the dance-off video? Let us know in the notes below!