The Last Jedi Director Sounds Off On Captain Marvel Criticism

While Captain Marvel is off to a great start at the box office, it still has its fair share of detractors. Trolls have gone to great lengths to “bomb” the film with negative scores and reviews. Now Rian Johnson, a director who is all too familiar with these tactics, has provided his thoughts on the matter.

The director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi recently posted on Twitter, where he threw a little bit of shade towards those review bombings.

The Last Jedi currently sits at a 91 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics. However, the Audience Score is  currently sitting at 44 percent, based on over 200,000 ratings. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as Johnson received months of outrage from unsatisfied Star Wars fans. In spite of this, his film is a massive success, having made $1.3 billion in grosses.

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For the time being, it appears that Rotten Tomatoes has reset the Audience Score on the Captain Marvel page. It previously went through a revamp of its website so audience reviews wouldn’t leave a lasting negative effect. It appears that some changes may still come in order to fend off the review bombers.

Fortunately, the negativity shouldn’t affect the film’s popularity in the least. It’s already off to a strong start at the box office. Fan feedback has been quite positive on social media. When the first weekend closes, it should have around $135 million or more.

Captain Marvel is in theaters now. What do you think about Johnson’s response to the trolls? Let us know in the comment section!