Marvel Producer Says “the World is Ready” For a Gay Superhero

LGBTQ representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a major topic among fans this month. At Captain Marvel‘s Los Angeles premiere, Marvel’s production chief Victoria Alonso spoke with Variety about the topic. Although she didn’t confirm the rumor that Marvel is looking to cast an openly gay actor as the lead superhero of  The Eternals, she claimed that “the world is ready”.

“We are going to cast the best Eternals cast that we can and when we’re ready to announce it we promise you we will,” said Alonso.

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Alonso also took the opportunity to underline Marvel’s commitment to diversity on screen.

“Why wouldn’t we be? Why wouldn’t we be?” asked Alonso. “I’m so passionate about this I’ve got to tell you. Our entire success is based on people that are incredibly different. Why wouldn’t we? Why would we only want to be recognized by only one type of person? Our audience is global, is diverse, is inclusive. If we don’t do it that way for them, we will fail. If we don’t put pedal to the metal on the diversity and the inclusivity, we will not have continued success. Our determination is to have that for all of the people out there watching our movies.”

Chloe Zhao is directing The Eternals from a script co-written by Matthew and Ryan Firpo, which will likely have Ikaris and Sersi as its main characters.

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