BrightBurn’s Latest Trailer Will Give You Superhero Nightmares

What could happen when superheroes have incredibly evil intentions? That’s a question that Sony Pictures and producer James Gunn will explore in BrightBurn, a new horror movie coming this summer.

The original trailer made its debut back in December. But now a new one has debuted on IGN’s YouTube page. It once again focuses on a mysterious boy who discovers he has powers. Unfortunately, he acts on them in a rather homicidal way. In the new trailer, we see the young boy described as a “gift” by his mother, as played by Elizabeth Banks. Soon thereafter, we see his origin story, in which his newfound parents discover him in wreckage.

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From there the trailer picks up with the boy in school, as his classmates make the serious mistake of bullying him. Apparently all of this influences the man he will become, and it turns the potential superhero into the greatest threat on Earth. Not even his parents are safe from his anger. Perhaps more unsettling is the way that he stalks a waitress and seriously hurts her. He’s no Superman, and he lacks any sense of inherent goodness. That transforms him from a possible savior of mankind into a destroyer, even if he still believes that he can be “good.”

Brightburn will hit theaters on May 24. Will you see Brightburn when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below!