Olivia Munn Explains Her Absence From X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Apocalypse reintroduced Psylocke with great fanfare by casting Olivia Munn as the fan favorite telepathic ninja. However, Munn is one of the few stars from Apocalypse who won’t be returning for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Munn acknowledged her absence from the film and explained why she couldn’t return.

“I can’t say anything because last time I said a little bit they sent me a note. But I’m not in it,” said Munn. “I was filming [The Predator] at the time so there wasn’t time for me to film it and so I’m not in it. I will tell you guys.”

As for the “note” referenced by Munn, it’s probably because she previously told Collider that Dark Phoenix was “like a two-parter,” before adding “I don’t know why people have to be so secretive.”

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While Munn’s starring co-starring role in The Predator kept her out of Dark Phoenix, the extensive reshoots for the X-Men sequel could have been the perfect opportunity for Munn to sneak in an appearance. Of course, Psylocke wasn’t present for the Dark Phoenix storyline in the comics. But neither were Magneto or Mystique, and that didn’t stop Fox from including them.

Unfortunately for Munn, Dark Phoenix will be the last X-Men movie before the Disney and Fox merger closes. That makes it highly unlikely that she will get another chance to play Psylocke.

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