Top 10 Most Disappointing Films of 2018

Superhero Hype’s 10 Most Disappointing Films of 2018

2018 was a surprisingly wonderful year for movies, and audiences had a vast array of stories to choose from. While there were many great films that were released this year, there were also some incredibly terrible movies as well. When it comes to the year’s best and worst films, there’s a massive gap in quality between the former and the latter. Every year has its fair share of stinkers, but this year in particular saw an unusually high number of big-budget genre disappointments.

This list will focus on the year’s most disappointing superhero, comic book, fantasy, and science fiction films. These are the movies that simply dropped the ball or failed to fulfill audience expectations. Not all of the films on this list are bad. In fact, most of them actually have some redeemable qualities. It’s just not enough for them to be good movies.

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The most common traits among this year’s choices were poorly executed screenwriting and lackluster performances. And it would be impossible to talk about 2018’s most disappointing movies without at least touching on Venom and Solo. While both films were disappointing on multiple levels, they also managed to be just good enough to simply merit a dishonorable mention. Of course, there’s also Holmes & Watson, which isn’t a genre movie. But it did manage to be so bad that even Netflix didn’t want it.

You can check out Superhero Hype’s countdown of the ten most disappointing films of 2018 in the gallery below! Then make sure to share which 2018 movies disappointed you the most in the comment section! And if you have any counter arguments about our selections, we want to hear those as well.