Adult Swim Reunites Aquaman With Himself in New Animated Ad

Aquaman‘s big screen moment has finally arrived, but that doesn’t make up for decades of misuse. Despite some intriguing comic book origins, Aquaman has had extreme difficulty out-swimming the shadow of Super Friends. That show made a mockery of DC’s sea king, and he’s been the butt of pop culture jokes ever since. The DCEU’s Aquaman film may go a long way towards changing the public’s perception of its title hero. However, that past will always be a part of the character.

Adult Swim has released a new animated promo for Aquaman the unites Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry with his cartoon counterpart. This doesn’t appear to be the Super Friends Aquaman. Instead, he seems more like the jovial Aquaman who was featured in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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Both Aquamen are in therapy, when the commercial begins. Then the cartoon incarnation whines about being replaced by his much cooler counterpart. Fortunately, Momoa’s Aquaman has a soft spot for his predecessor. A few kind words go a long way, even if Aquaman couldn’t think of too many positive attributes for his older self. However, that was more than enough for cartoon Aquaman to openly admire Momoa’s incarnation. That man crush may have made Aquaman a little too overeager to hang out with Momoa. But at least he’s happy!

The rest of the clip features footage from Aquaman‘s feature film, which is currently out in theaters. You can watch the entire Adult Swim Aquaman promo below. Then leave a comment below and let us know what you think about it!