Mondo Masters of the Universe Panthor On Sale for 10 Days

Cats are enjoying their moment in the media spotlight. The Marvels has its Flerkittens, The Garfield Movie got a new trailer, and Skeletor’s best pet and mighty steed Panthor is going up for preorder, probably by the time you read this. Masters of the Universe‘s Panthor began life as a simple repaint of Battle Cat, with a coating of flocked purple fuzz and no mask. Unlike his counterpart, Panthor doesn’t talk or have much personality besides being a deadly big cat. But when Skeletor needs a battle beast and a steed that’s not mechanical, this purple kitty is ready to pounce.

Bad Li’l Cat

Unlike the vintage toy, Mondo‘s Panthor lacks the fuzzy flocking, though that version should come later. It does, however, appear to use the Battle Cat body, albeit with new heads, though the saddle and armor look the same. Panthor can don either an ’80s toy-styled head, a 2002 cartoon yellow-eyed head, a ram-stone helmeted head in the Classics figure style, and an original “Sabretooth mask” Mondo headsculpt. Like Battle Cat, it’s a $500 figure; to see what you’re getting into, check out our review of He-Man’s best friend and ride, who’s about 90% the same body.

This “Timed Edition” (which suggests a possible no-frills version later down the line) will be available from Tuesday (11/14) at 12 Noon CT until Friday (11/24) at 11:59 PM CT at To sweeten the deal, a Regular Edition of Skeletor will be made available as well, in a non-timed edition that will last until it sells out. This figure will feature the new Skeletor body and head, but just the basic accessories. Mondo doesn’t want you to not buy his steed because you missed a shot at the rider.

In a nifty twist, Mondo will make some shipments of Panthor available by Christmas, which is pretty super-fast as a turnaround time. That’s by no means guaranteed, though, so save some money in your holiday budget just in case you’re not among the lucky ones notified.

Check out the official images below: