Turtles of Grayskull Wave 2 Crossover Figures Revealed

We’ve had plenty of clues on the previous wave’s packaging, but a newly released poster from Mattel now fully reveals the second set of six figures from their Masters of the Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover line.

As some fans and in-the-know bloggers have noted, this is not just a mash-up of characters for the sake of combining — there is a definite storyline at play here. All should be revealed in the minicomics that come with the figures. Only two of the characters in the Turtles of Grayskull line look like specific hybrids of two existing characters, while the rest simply offer a newer Eternian aesthetic. Wave 2 offers even more clues of what to expect.

Heroes ‘n a He-Man: Grayskull Power!

Wave 2 will include Raphael, Shredder, Beast Man, Sla’ker, Mutated Ram-Man, and Mutated Moss Man. A few obvious factors stand out with these. Firstly, the “mutated” figures in this line all appear made of clear plastic, an aesthetic begun with Slime Pit He-Man exclusive figures. Secondly, mutated Ram-Man looks to be a TMNT-style human-animal hybrid with actual ram horns. Finally, that Moss Man looks to use the Demogorgon feet from the Stranger Things crossover set.

Beast Man now dons samurai gear, which looks pretty cool even if this particular crossover isn’t to your liking. Sla’ker mashes up Slash and Faker, suggesting the character may be an evil robotic impostor of the bad guy turtle (but would that make him a good guy, via double-negative logic?). Notable by his absence is Michelangelo, which suggests a third wave may still arrive sometime later.

With all these apparent ooze mutants, fans are hoping for a Shredder-styled slime pit playset, but it remains to be seen whether Mattel has one in mind. No doubt if these figures sell well they’ll consider more.