Masters of the Universe and Stranger Things Crossover Figure Set

Mattel just dropped a slew of Masters of the Universe preorders at multiple retail outlets, including characters in the Origins and Masterverse styles.

One set in particular didn’t go up yet, however, and it was one that caught our eye on the visual checklist they sent out. A Masters/Stranger Things crossover two-pack is on the way, and it’s definitely a stranger thing for this toy line.

MOTU Cranked to Eleven

The two-pack, made in the retro Origins style, includes a Skeletor with a dark wash to make him look like he’s in the Upside Down, and a Demogorgon, its petal mouth wide open. The latter monster appears to use a Beast Man body, along with his traditional armor, but with new foot and head sculpts. Since all these figures boast a degree of interchangeability, Demogorgon body parts should also fit on most other Origins figures.

Masters of the Universe has crossed over with other properties before — the Classics line did a couple of Robot Chicken figures as well as a muscular Stan Lee. Origins already crossed over with WWE, and will soon mix it up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Since the Turtles have already had some Stranger Things crossover toys, it makes sense by transitive properties that Skeletor also can.

(Come to think of it, Frank Langella’s Skeletor and Vecna have a lot in common.)

Like the TMNT crossover packs, Skeletor and the Demogorgon will be Target exclusives, with preorder date TBD. In the meantime, we can fantasize about what comes next. Hordak and Vecna, perhaps?