Power Rangers Omega Set and Tommy Morpher Debut at PulseCon 2023

With Hasbro now outright owning all of Power Rangers, there’s no way they weren’t going to show new items at PulseCon 2023. But because their Lightning Collection line has been so efficient in cranking out characters, it sometimes feels like there isn’t a lot left to make. Two hefty items showcased at the online con should appeal to fans both casual and niche.

Boom Goes the Lightning

Fans of the Boom Studios comics will know of the Omega Rangers. It’s a storyline that picked up after Zack, Jason, and Trini were written out of the original show by having the characters attend a peace conference. Though they relinquished their Mighty Morphin alter-egos, the comics revealed that they instead became Omega Rangers, with the alien Kiya making up the fourth member of the team in Blue Ranger gear. Kiya would later betray the group, leading the Omega Rangers to seek help from their old friends in the Morphin team. All four come in a boxed set, for Pulse members at 4 p.m. ET, and everyone else/other retailers at 5 p.m. ET.

The other big item is a role-play piece: Tommy Oliver’s Master Morpher. The late Jason David Frank recorded all-new dialogue before his untimely passing, and the Morpher comes with power coins for all Tommy’s Ranger identities. These can either be displayed on the rock-styled base, or stowed away in a secret compartment underneath the Morpher itself. It too will be available on Pulse at 4 p.m. for members and 5 p.m. for others, but will actually be in stock and not a preorder.

Check out a few more images below, and decide if you need these items on your shelf.