Mondo Batman Phantasm Figure Now On Sale for a Limited Time

Timed perfectly to coincide with the 4K release of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm on disc, Mondo‘s Phantasm figure captures both sides of the creepy, caped antagonist.

The 12-inch action figure includes a smoke-spewing hand, acid-attacked blade, two alternate hands, and a Batman logo base. Order by Sept 25th to get an alternate Andrea Beaumont torso, with a more feminine form. This limited version also includes an alternate hood and a smoke effect for the base.

Phantom Menace

Loosely based on the Reaper character from the Batman: Year Two comic, Phantasm is a mysterious avenger stalking a particular group of thugs with a shared past. With a propensity for murder and a black, flowing cape, Phantasm can appear to be Batman from a distance. This causes the citizens of Gotham to suspect their hero has gone rogue. Only the Joker, who’s on Phantasm’s hit list, figures out that it’s someone completely new.

In fact, it’s Bruce Wayne’s former love, whom he was willing to give up his caped crusade for, until she suddenly disappeared and called the whole thing off. But now that they’re both in fear-inducing costumes on opposite sides of the law, rekindling that spark won’t be easy.

Unlike Hasbro’s movie figure, which had a removable mask and a smaller stature that gave away its feminine identity, Mondo’s uses a swappable torso option to hide the truth. Though the figure’s intended for adult collectors, it’s also fully poseable to recreate any scenes with their previously released Batman and Joker.

The timed variant edition, at $210, is a Mondo exclusive. The more basic version without the Andrea parts costs $190, and will be available at other outlets. Check out more official images below.