Secretlab Harley Quinn

Secretlab Skins Harley Quinn Chair Sleeve Revealed

Secretlab has revealed a slick new gaming chair sleeve based on the iconic DC Comics character Harley Quinn.

What does the Secretlab Skins Harley Quinn chair sleeve look like?

The sleeve, which is now available, is a limited edition design that serves as a follow-up to the company’s Birds of Prey chair. Based on Harley‘s design from her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, the sleeve features a red, white, and black design with text in the middle of the sleeve that says “Harley Quinn XOXO” between two diamond-patterned sides.

The back has a “warning” that says “Hazardous Material, Harley Quinn, Mistress of Mayhem.” Secretlab notes that applying the sleeve takes only three minutes and protects the chair while increasing its softness.

Check out the photos of the Secretlab Harley Quinn sleeve below:

“Paying homage to the Clown Princess of Crime’s iconic red and black jester outfit from her first appearance in 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series, this premium gaming chair sleeve is decked out in alternating red and black accents,” reads the product’s official description. “Not to mention all the insane detailing – from checkered diamonds to the ‘XOXO’ stitching to bring a sprinkle of cheery, deranged fun.”