McFarlane Toys Batman 6-Pack Includes First Clooney, Kilmer Figures

Val Kilmer and George Clooney got plenty of toys from Kenner back when they played Batman. In fact, Joel Schumacher partly blames Warner Bros.’ focus on toys for some of the compromises he had to make as director. But ever since McFarlane Toys took over the DC toy license, they haven’t seemed especially eager to revisit the era of the Bat-nipple — until now. Behold the Batman 6-pack.

Holy Sculpted Plastic, Batman!

This six-figure set includes one figure each of every Warner Bros. live-action feature film Batman (Adam West’s Batman the Movie was distributed by Fox). Some of these are partial rereleases — the Christian Bale and Robert Pattinson figures came out previously, but now include cloth capes. Ben Affleck appears to be a pastiche of the Zack Snyder’s Justice League tactical Batman body and The Flash head, though again, cloth cape this time, as all the figures in this set have.

The set also includes a light-up Bat-signal, with four interchangeable slides for the different Bat-logos (Keaton, Clooney, and Kilmer basically shared the same signal, while Bale, Affleck, and Pattinson went very different directions).

Obviously, this isn’t a complete set of every Bat-suit — Michael Keaton’s Batman Returns suit, Kilmer’s regular Batsuit, Clooney’s polar gear, Ben Affleck’s BvS outfits and Christian Bale’s Batman Begins costume remain unmade. But if McFarlane’s willing to do Clooney, the likelihood of those others just shot up.

If you don’t want to buy a complete set, rest assured that McFarlane Toys never met a figure sculpt they couldn’t sell without reselling it. We may see color variations, but odds are very good that the Clooney and Kilmer resurface in some form or another. In the meantime, fans who want it all can preorder the set for $119.99, which is a good deal considering the figures by themselves, sans Bat-signal, would cost that much. Check out the images below.