Super7’s ThunderCats Cat’s Lair Is a Throwback to the Era of Epic Toy Playsets

In the ’80s, arguably the golden age of action figures, it was pretty commonplace for toy lines to have at least one insanely large playset for parents with deep pockets to buy for Christmas. Star Wars had the AT-AT. G.I. Joe had the 7-foot-long aircraft carrier USS Flagg. Masters of the Universe had the room-filling Eternia. And ThunderCats had the Cat’s Lair.

Now Super7 has brought that last one back but scaled up for their 7-inch ThunderCats figures, rather than the 5-inchers of the ’80s. The prototype, which went on display at Comic-Con, is nuts — three feet tall, and nearly five feet wide. A pet could live inside it. And a couple will probably have to open really tense negotiations as to where to put the thing, even if they both agree that it’s cool enough to order.

Look What the Cat’s Dragged in

The playset features three full levels, and a fold-in mountain backdrop. The cat eyes, logo, and interior viewscreen light up, while the claws open up to reveal battle stations. A secret chamber opens up to store weapons, while a maintenance hangar gives you a place to park the equally huge Thundertank (not included). Loaded with hidden defenses, this fortress provides safe haven for the good guys.

It could contain even more bonuses. If 4,000 people preorder, a lab station and extra claw shield and sword gets added. If 5,000 do, a translucent Astral Projection Lion-O figure comes packed in. If 3,000 fund it by July 30, all backers get a life-sized key replica. Any fewer than 3,000 by Sept 17 and it won’t get made.

How much damage will it inflict on your wallet? $650, plus $100 for shipping. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? A payment plan of four installments is available.

The era of big playsets is back. Check out the official images below to see just how big.