McFarlane Toys SDCC Exclusive DC Figures: Superman, Batman, More

It’s been a while since McFarlane Toys had some good San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, but this year, they’re rolling out a magnificent seven special figures. Anniversary Superman, Knightfall Batman, Sonar-Vision Joker, Bank Robber Joker, Deluxe Bane, Dread Lantern, and Line Art Mr. Freeze. Most are special variants of existing figures, but in some cases, new sculpting is in effect. Certainly the packaging has been plussed up. Let’s take a look:

Play in the Paint

85th Anniversary Superman takes his cues from the “Hope” poster above-center, though it looks a bit like he flew into a painted wall. The uniquely colored Superman includes a flight stand, special base, backdrop, and a trading card that doubles as a certificate of authenticity.

Knightfall Batman differs from the retail version with the added black shadowing on his cowl and trunks. He’ll also come in more deluxe boxed packaging.

The trio from The Dark Knight movie line up the ante on previous releases. Bane now comes separately as a figure, with a soft goods winter jacket. The translucent Sonar Vision Joker appears the way Batman saw him in night vision. Bank Robber Joker can switch out his regular head for the head wearing that 1966-inspired mask, and wears a less conspicuously clown-colored outfit. Per Warner Bros. rules, however, this bank robber must remain unarmed.

From the recent Batman: Fighting the Frozen series, diving-helmet Mr. Freeze gets a black-and-white line art variant. For those who prefer their snowmen to look snow-white rather than silver.

Dread Lantern is an evil Alan Scott, who became the herald of a demon named Surtur (Norse mythology names are allowed across publishing universes) in exchange for Earth’s safety. It’s given him some burning eyes and darker colors.

All these exclusives will be available at DC’s booth in San Diego, #4645. Expect to wait in line a while, as even casual con-goers will want readily available Superman and Batman toys.