Mondo SDCC Exclusive Figures: Man-Bat, Magneto, Logan, Prince Adam

Mondo ToysComic-Con exclusive figures, being a made-to-order run, are the sort of exclusives one does not actually purchase at the show. Rather, they’re made available online on the show days, and will ship around December (Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa not guaranteed, so be careful if you’re thinking in terms of holiday gifts).

Here’s the thing: these are marquee characters — ones you’ll very much want to own if you collect their lines. Masters of the Universe‘s Prince Adam, Batman: The Animated Series Man-Bat, and X-Men: The Animated Series Magneto and Logan.

Mondo Mutations!

Magneto includes un-helmeted head, shadow head, and actual magnetized hands (open and fist) which attach to magnetized energy rings and metal shards. He also comes with a bendable “metal” cable.

Sold separately, Magneto’s adversary Logan features a removable jacket with switch-out, sleeves-rolled-up arms. A bonus head, multiple hands, and individual adamantium claws complete the set.

Mondo’s Prince Adam marks a Masters of the Universe first. For all these decades, the characters have been implied to wear spandex over muscular bodies — Adam is the first MOTU figure to actually include fabric tights and tight shirt. He comes with a removable sword harness, toy and cartoon inspired swords, a lightning transformation sword, and the Masks of Power from the minicomic of the same name. Multiple heads, including a laughing head, allow fans to recreate the Four Non-Blondes meme if they so wish.

Man-Bat is massive! His full wingspan reaches 14 inches, though his wings switch out for folded in versions. He comes with a torn shirt and multiple heads, including one mid-transformation.

Magneto goes up for preorder Monday at 10 a.m., and the others Wednesday, Preview Night, at 10 a.m. Unlike recent figures with open preorders, they’re all limited runs. Magneto’s is 500, Logan’s 1500, Adam’s 2000, and Man-Bat 1000. In other words, they will go fast…and at a time when many folks are driving down already.

For more information, and to check out the vinyls they’ll have at their booth, go to Mondo’s exclusive page. In the meantime, enjoy some extra action shots: