Comic-Inspired Godzilla Makes a Super7 Ultimates SDCC Exclusive

Super7 has been prepping a Godzilla Ultimates line for a while, with several preorders awaiting fulfilment. For attendees at Comic-Con this year, however, there’ll be no wait — a comic-inspired Godzilla Ultimates figure will be one of several exclusives available at their booth.

A Dark Horse Contender

Based on the cover of Dark Horse Comics’ Godzilla: King of the Monsters #1, this Godzilla features a green deco and bloody nose and mouth. “He’s thirsty — for blood!!!” read the original cover copy, which doesn’t sound like the Godzilla we know most recently. The figure also seems to have downsized to a more traditional King Kong scale, as he includes a screaming artist figurine who can be picked up like Fay Wray. The big G also comes with both open- and closed-mouth heads, bonus open hands and fists.

Super7 has not yet specified the price, but it’s likely to be somewhere in the $55-$90 range.

Dark Horse Comics held the rights to Godzilla for 12 years, publishing many different one-shots, miniseries, trade paperbacks, and movie adaptations. Marvel held the rights prior, with the kaiju entering the Marvel universe proper. IDW took over after Dark Horse, while Legendary Comics holds the rights to the current big-screen Monsterverse version. If comic-book variants are possible in the Super7 Ultimates line, that’s a lot of fertile ground.

Stomp on over to booth #2546 at Comic-Con to grab one of these for yourself. Last year, Super7’s supplies were plentiful, so the situation should be similar again this time around.