ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 9 Includes New and Repainted Figures

It wasn’t so long ago that Super7 managed to milk a little extra bang from their bucks by releasing a wave of figures repainted to their original LJN toy colors. However, since it included heavy-hitters like Lion-O and Mumm-ra already, they must’ve thought a whole second wave would push it. Instead, ThunderCats Ultimates wave 9 splits it up. Two toy-inspired repaints come in this wave, along with two new characters. However, as an incentive to buy them all, Super7 includes a free bonus pack of alternate heads if you order all four figures directly from them.

Sea of Heads

Each figure in the wave already includes an alternate head, but the bonus pack gives each of them one more. In the case of the two ThunderCats involved, that means glow-in-the-dark eyes.

Those two would be Jaga and WilyKat, the latter being an all-new sculpt and not merely a reissue of the Mattel version. The Thunderkitten includes pellet-throwing hands and a hoverboard with clear stand.

The other repaint besides Jaga is Grune the destroyer, ThunderCat gone bad. More silvery armor augments the vintage look. Finally, Lunatak Chilla, who never got a vintage figure, includes blasting finger and ice effects, along with a soft cape.

You could just buy the two new figures, say, from our sponsors at Entertainment Earth, but the only way to get the head pack is buying the set of four from Super7. Take a look through the pictures below and make your own decision. There’s also a surprise hidden in the back of some of these — a sneak peek at the upcoming massive Cat’s Lair playset!