Mezco Reveals More Affordable One: 12 Wolverine

The last Mezco One: 12 Collective Wolverine was a beauty — and pricey to boot. It came complete with extra heads and a light-up Sentinel base. (Check out our review.)

For fans who just want a Wolverine — sans flashy stand and extras — they’ve announced a more basic version. This time, Wolvy is decked out in his Uncanny X-Men uniform. With the same slash effects and similar hands and heads — though a battle-damaged adamantium skull is new, and no bone claws come with this one — the $85 figure may prove more palatable to the wallet than $125.

So What’s Included?

Per the official description, “Four head portraits are included in varying facial expressions, including a masked head portrait. Wolverine’s adamantium claws are all he needs – the hero is equipped with two pairs of claw hands and five slash FX in varying styles.”

As with every other One: 12 figure, he’ll also include a logo base with foot peg that can swap out for the included flight stand.

Preorder Wolverine now, and expect him to ship shortly after Comic-Con. It’s like a convention exclusive without the crowds. In the comics, this flexible team uniform helped to absorb impacts and defray penetration wounds. In reality, Mezco works wonders with stitching on a tiny scale, creating comic-book ready skintight costumes that let the figure’s musculature show through.

Do you want to make this Wolverine yours? Can’t decide yet? Take a look through Mezco’s official images below, and see if this particular Logan is right for you.