Marvel Announces 3 What If…? Novels for 2024

Marvel Entertainment has teamed with Random House Worlds for a series of adult novels based on the What If…? line of comics.

At this time, Marvel and Random House Worlds (a division of Penguin Random House) have announced three What If…? novels to be released in 2024. First up is What If…Loki Was Worthy? A Loki and Valkyrie Story by Madeleine Roux. Set to hit shelves in March, the novel follows Loki and Valkyrie as they “seek redemption in the first adventure of an epic new multiversal series that reimagines the origins of iconic Marvel heroes.”

The second novel is titled What If…Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker Were Siblings? A Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man Story. Written by Seanan McGuire, its is expected to release in July 2024. The third and final novel comes from Mike Chen. Titled What If…Marc Spector Was a Host to Venom? A Moon Knight and Venom Story, it is slated for release in October 2024.

Check out the official cover art and plot synopsis for What If…Loki Was Worthy? A Loki and Valkyrie Story below:

So many worlds, so little time. Infinite possibilities, creating infinite realities. Long have I watched the trickster god sow chaos. But…what if Loki saved Asgard from Tony Stark’s revenge? 

Thor—Son of Odin, God of Thunder, wielder of the hammer Mjolnir—is dead. And Loki is responsible. 

It was only meant to be a joke — tampering with the Destroyer, changing Thor’s course to Midgard — a bit of mischief with a chance of maiming. But Loki's harmless prank spiraled out of control, unleashing death and destruction on New York City and the heroes sworn to protect it. The city was saved, but at the cost of Thor’s life. 

Furious and heartbroken, the All-Father banishes Loki to Earth for his crime. Loki finds himself in a realm of boxed wine, instant noodles, and some sort of regional performance troupe known as the “Buffalo Bills.” It’s a meager existence, far from Asgard’s grand courts, but he finds his new friend, Brian the Gecko, a much more engaging companion than the sycophants back home. A true meeting of the minds. Loki is the God of Mischief — but he knows, deep down, that he never truly deserved to stand next to their father’s golden child Thor, as two true sons of Odin. 

Yet, he cannot even endure his exile in peaceful isolation. A Valkyrie — Hel-bent on carrying out her oath to Thor — barges into his trailer-home with his brother’s final words from the beyond: a plea to find a certain Dr. Jane Foster and pass on Mjolnir to its rightful heir.

While Loki struggles to fulfil his brother’s last request, the far-reaching consequences of his fatal prank return to haunt him. Blinded by grief from those he lost in the chaos wrought by Asgard, Iron Man vows revenge on those who consider themselves gods. Determined to protect the Earth from the might of this unpredictable alien power, he forges Asgard’s own weaponry into a lethal suit of armor, set on eradicating any tether between their worlds. Consequences be damned. When Asgard looks to Loki for salvation, he must answer the question: Am I truly worthy? 

MADELEINE ROUX is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty books for teens, adults, and children. Her bestselling Asylum series has sold over a million copies worldwide. She has also written for Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and Critical Role. Madeleine lives in Seattle, Washington with her partner and beloved pups.

What If…? is a Marvel tradition

The What If…? anthology series has been a staple of Marvel Comics’ publishing line for nearly 50 years. Originating in late 1976, the series shows what the Marvel Universe might have looked like had certain key events played out differently. The What If…? line has also often been used to re-imagine existing characters in interesting ways, sometimes be merging them with a different character.

In 2021, Marvel Studios launched a What If…? animated series on Disney+, which applies this storytelling approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two additional seasons of the show are planned, as is a Marvel Zombies spin-off series.

What If…Loki Was Worthy? A Loki and Valkyrie Story by Madeleine Roux is scheduled for release on March 12, 2024.

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