Marvel Legends Secret Invasion Action Figures Revealed

Secret Invasion on Disney+ may skew more adult for a Marvel streaming series, but it’s not above the requisite tie-in toys.

Today, Hasbro announced two Marvel Legends figures in an upcoming Disney+ themed wave. Both have seen toy form before: Nick Fury and Talos appeared as younger men in the Captain Marvel movie series. Now they’re older, wiser, and more down to earth.

Old Friends, New Figures

For the first time, Talos includes a Ben Mendelsohn likeness along with hands. These can switch out for Skrull parts when he reverts to his true form.

Nick Fury, in his long trench coat, comes with seven unspecified accessories. From the images provided, it looks like one will be his wool hat. The other three will include two guns and a pistol smoke effect. The remaining three likely include extra hands and one more smoke effect, but that’s just a guess. Maybe a non-eyepatch head is in the cards?

Hasbro hasn’t officially announced the remaining figures yet. However, overseas listings and leaks suggest the rest of the wave will be MCU versions of Kingpin, Yelena, Agatha Harkness, and What If Gamora (Thanos armor). A Build-A-Figure version of Hydra Stomper is rumored as well. Nothing is final until Hasbro confirms it, but whatever the ultimate lineup, it’s coming this fall.

If any surprise characters show up on the series, don’t expect toys of them to appear for a while. (Consider how long it’s taken to get Agatha in her full witch form from WandaVision.)

These Marvel Legends will continue at the current price of $24.99.